The Liberals are coming after the things we believe in — both in NSW and across Australia. They have cut TAFE, tried to hike uni fees, attacked Medicare, and privatised NSW services and assets.

In the lead up to the 28 March state election, it was up to us to spread the truth about the Baird Government’s appalling record on jobs, rights and services. 

NSW nurses, firefighters, teachers, electricity and disability workers came out in force over the weeks before election day, knocking on doors and changing the conversation about what is happening to our health and education systems as well as our valued public assets like our electricity network.

Our movement has always been about the power of people coming together and the state election on 28 March wasn’t any different.  We fought the Liberal’s falsehoods with facts—and changed the conversation to make clear what another four years of a Baird Government would mean for working people in NSW.

Let’s continue the fight for a government that respects working people. 

Check out footage from previous door knocks

Our community is passionate about changing the political landscape. Each weekend union members were out talking with their neighbours about the kind of NSW they want to live in.

Take a look at our #Knocking4Change playlist over on Youtube 

Did you participate in a local #Knocking4Change event? You can check out the photos here!

Londonderry_221114.jpgLondonderry Doorknock 221114

East_HIlls_Doorknock_310115.jpgEast Hills Doorknock 310115

Maitland_Doorknock_310115.jpgMaitland Doorknock 010215

IMG_6239.jpg Gosford Doorknock 070215

Prospect_Granville_Doorknock_140215.jpgProspect Granville Doorknock 140215

Shire_210215.jpgSutherland Shire Doorknock 210215

Maitland_280215.jpgMaitland Doorknock 280215 

IMG_7201.JPGCampbelltown Doorknock 280215

Oatley_070315.jpgOatley Doorknock 070315


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