Trade unionists will be participating in the Korean Day Festival for the first time this Labour Day long weekend.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon says “The Korean Day Festival is an important event and a great opportunity for us to listen to workers and hear about their working life in Sydney.”

“Australia is a popular destination for young Koreans on working holiday visas with around 40,000 visiting our country every year.”

“While we have a great image overseas, in reality many young people on working holidays have difficulty accessing their basic rights at work, and many experience exploitation.

“UnionsNSW has heard of a number of cases of these young people being injured at work. In one case, unions were able to introduce one young man who asked for help to a labour law firm. Despite being paid in cash and sacked on the spot the worker was actually entitled to workers compensation insurance payments.

“At the Korean Day Festival this Saturday we hope our Unions NSW Korean-speaking volunteers will help raise awareness about Australian work rights with members of Sydney’s Korean community, as well as explaining how unions can help them work safely and without exploitation.”

한국의 날 축제에 참여하시는 여러분을 환영합니다!

Unions NSW에서도 이번 축제에 부스를 마련하여 여러분과 함께 한국의 날을 즐길 준비를 하고 있습니다.
10월 5일 스트라스필드 공원에서 Unions NSW 부스를 찾아주세요!
Unions NSW에서 실행하는 간단한 설문조사와 함께 소정의 상품도 제공할 예정입니다.

p.s 행사 당일 Unions NSW 부스의 진행을 도와줄 봉사자도 환영합니다.

2013년 10월 5일 토요일 – 한국의 날 축제 – 장소: Strathfield Park, Homebush Rd Strathfield

If you’d like to help out on the Unions NSW stall please email arahill@unionsnsw.org.au or mob 0414 316 839.

Volunteers usually spend a couple of hours chatting with the public and handing out information. Then there’s plenty of time to enjoy the entertainment!
Saturday 5th Oct – Korean Festival – Strathfield Park, Homebush Rd Strathfield

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