A new organisation to promote the interests of Newcastle’s working people will belaunched today (Monday, 24 March) at Cooks Hill Fire Station at 1pm.

The Newcastle Union Community Alliance is a new local union voice to advocate for secure jobs, workplace rights and investment in better services for Newcastle.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon, who will be in Newcastle to launch the Alliance today, said as the three-year anniversary of the NSW Liberal Government approaches, a strong community voice for local working people was vital.

“We are hearing time and time again that people here are sick of Newcastle’s interests being overlooked by a Liberal Government which is only focussed on looking after their powerful business mates in Sydney,” he said.

“Now more than ever, working people in this city need a strong voice to ensure their jobs and workplace rights are protected and their local services are maintained and improved.”

Newcastle Union Community Alliances spokesperson Luke Russell said the time was right for Newcastle to join other community union alliances making a difference all over the state.

“The Government MPs in Newcastle have failed to stand up for our great city,” Mr Russell said.

“This Liberal Government might be working wonders for the business elites in Sydney’s CBD, but their policies are hurting the whole Hunter region.

“Instead of making sure that our needs are heard in Macquarie Street, our local Liberal MPs have instead voted time and time again for cuts that have hurt our community.

“They have voted to cut emergency service budgets, and to close fire stations — placing a ticking time bomb under our safety.

“They voted to privatise local disability services and they have failed to stop the rot in our hospitals with waiting times and emergency department responses now worse than ever. None of this is in our interests.

“We believe the working people of this community deserve a voice to speak up to the NSW Liberal Government and start advocating for our actual interests.

“Our hope is that the Newcastle Community Union Alliance can be the strong voice that working people across this city need.” 

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