Local workers will today protest outside a fundraising event for local MP Ann Sudmalis after she again refused to meet with concerned community members over the worsening jobs crisis. 

Locals will be at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre to greet Ms Sudmalis and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who is in the region to support the $100-a-head event.

Unions Shoalhaven Chairman Tim Montgomery said people in the Shoalhaven feel left behind and are angry at the Liberal Government’s attacks on local jobs, rights and services. 

“As a community we’ve had enough of the Turnbull/Abbott government’s cuts to pensions and public services, attacks on education and Medicare and their complete lack of vision for jobs in the Shoalhaven,” Mr Montgomery said.

Last week Unions Shoalhaven travelled to Canberra to raise the issue of youth unemployment after it was revealed the region is one of the worst “hotspots” in the country but according to Tim, Ms Sudmalis was too busy to meet with them. 

“We are worried about the future of our youth.  We want to know where the jobs plan is for the Shoalhaven?  What are Ann Sudmalis and Malcolm Turnbull going to do about this crisis that is impacting so heavily on families, on our youth and on our community?

 Local Nurses and Midwives Association representative Annette Aldrick said she will be protesting to let it be known the community does not support reducing access to Medicare and opposes reductions in bulk-billing for services like pap smears, blood tests and x-rays.

“The government is failing to understand the huge impact cuts to Medicare will have on the community. As a nurse I believe in good quality, affordable healthcare and every day I see this being chipped away.  Ann Sudmalis was complicit in her government ripping billions in health funding from NSW and now she is standing by while they attack Medicare.”

Annette said these new rounds of cuts will mean lifesaving tests and easily preventable diseases will not be diagnosed until too late. 

“This will place more pressure on our already overstretched public hospitals and health workers, it’s just not good enough. It’s time our local member stood up for our community,” Annette said.

“As community activists it is our role to get out there and make our voices heard. People do have the power to shift their decision makers and today’s action is just the start.” 

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