Local Union Community Councils (LUCCs) allow you to connect with other union members and union-friendly people who live or work in your local area.


LUCCs recognise that campaigning together is the best way to make sure governments and councils pay attention to the local issues that matter like quality jobs, good services and vibrant communities.

No matter what union you’re in, LUCCs provide a framework for getting involved and making life better.

There are 29 Local Union Community Councils (LUCCs) in NSW.

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Recent LUCC Activity


Local workers protest Abbotts lack of vision for the Central Coast 

Nurses, teachers, firefighters and University students were out in force on the Central Coast protesting against Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s long over-due visit to the region.  

The Prime Minister, attended a fundraising function at Central Coast Leagues Club with Robertson federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks, and was greeted by protesting locals who believe the Coalition have broken too many promises since being elected.

Central Coast Community Union Activist Michelle Cashman said people on the Central Coast feel left behind and are fed up of Abbott’s attacks on their living standards. 

“As a community we’ve had enough of Abbott’s cuts to pensions, his unaffordable University fees, his attacks on Medicare, his cuts to public services and his lack of vision for jobs on the Coast,” Mrs Cashman said. 

“As a nurse I believe in good quality, affordable healthcare and every day I see this being chipped away. The Abbott government has ripped billions in health funding from NSW over the past two years and is continuing to attack the universality of Medicare."

“By ripping much needed funds from our already struggling public health system they are reducing it to a safety net and making people think that private health cover and private hospitals are the only solutions for healthcare. This will eventually lead us to an Americanised user-pays system. Good quality healthcare shouldn’t depend on how much you can pay; many of our patients wouldn’t be able to afford it that way.” 

Mrs Cashman said the community is also worried about the future of their youth with unemployment levels at 15.7% well above the national average of 13.9%. 

“We want to know where the jobs plan is for the Coast. What are Lucy Wicks and Tony Abbott going to do about this? 

“Our education system is under attack from Liberal governments at both a state and federal level. Our kids can’t even access the HSC on the Central Coast anymore because our TAFE courses have been cut to the core. Couple this with Abbott’s U-turn on Gonski reforms and the introduction of $100,000 degrees and what chance do our children have?”  

The Abbott Government has cut $1 billion from skills and training, $66 million in support for adult apprentices and $43 million to equip jobseekers with basic skills and training, further alienating the thousands of jobseekers on the Coast.

“As community activists it is our role to get out there and make our voices heard. People do have the power to shift their decision makers and today’s action is just the start.”