Yesterday over 50 community activists from all over NSW, including Nurses, and Teachers, and Fireies, came to Trades Hall in Sydney for a Local Union Community Council Training day.

They spent the day in many workshops and panel discussions, and listening to unionists such as Maryanne Stuart and Jim Casey talking about their success in the Miranda By-Election and how they could take the lessons learnt there can better arm them to create a stronger community voice.

Also yesterday we had guest speakers from the Cancer Council, Amnesty International and the Sydney Alliance, talking about how to get in touch with the community, and connect with them so we can strengthen our LUCCs.

All in all it was a great day with a lot of learning, and a lot of ideas shared, I think the quote from Paul Doughty one of our campaigns officer sums it up nicely

“This coming together of workers from across the state to learn from each other how to build a stronger voice for the betterment of their community is such a refreshing and inspiring thing to see”



If you want to know more about your Local Union Community council check out this list to find your nearest one, Join today and become a stronger voice for a stronger community, fighting for better jobs, rights, and services.

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