Join us at 11:30am on Sunday May 4th, 2014 outside State Parliament House, Macquarie Street Sydney, for our annual May Day March.

What is May Day?

International Workers’ Day or May Day as it is also known, is the commemoration of the May 4, 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago, in which the police were trying to disperse a public assembly during a general strike in favour of the 8 hour work day, when an unidentified person threw a bomb at them, the police reacted by firing on the workers, killing four demonstrators.

Why we fight today.

Again our working rights are coming under attack, both from our State Government, and our Federal Government, with the State Government changing workers’ compensation laws to cut injured workers off from support earlier than they are ready for, and the Federal Government is considering taking away workers’ rights such as penalty rates.

It is now more important than ever to celebrate our past wins like the 8 hour work day, and it is now more important than ever that we must fight hard for the future of our working rights and the working rights of our children, preserving the rights and conditions that we fought for in the past, and continue to enjoy today.

Join us:

11:30am Sunday May 4th 2014
Macquarie Street, outside State Parliament house, Sydney

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