ME Bank will contribute $20,000 to the Salvation Army’s Australian Disaster Relief Appeal in the wake of the recent bushfire emergency in New South Wales.

ME Bank CEO, Jamie McPhee, said the bank had already contacted more than a thousand customers in affected
areas to offer financial support, including:

  • Stopping interest charges on home loans for three months for customers who have called for assistance.
  • Waiving fees and break costs where impacted customers need to break a term deposit early to access savings
  • Prioritising customers applying for limit increases on credit cards to gain access to additional funds and approving additional funds on credit cards to impacted customers.
  • Halting collection letters to customer in arrears in impacted areas.

Jamie McPhee said several customers had already contacted ME Bank to report property damage including loss of
homes due to the fires.
“We know disasters like fires can have a devastating impact on communities and businesses.”
“Our thoughts are with those affected and we hope the availability of hardship assistance will go some way to
reducing their financial burden.”

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