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The Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance is the union and leading advocate for workers in the media, entertainment and arts industries. It represents performers, journalists and all other workers in the media, entertainment and arts industries and has over 15,000 members.

Building on our proud history we aim to empower the people who inform and entertain Australia through:

  • Protect & advance our rights at work:  Improving our members income and conditions, providing timely and expert advice to members, enforcing members rights at work and promoting safe and respectful workplaces.
  • Build Power: Recruit and grow leaders, activists and supporters, ensure best practice governance and accountability, continue staff development and build strategic alliances.

  • Build Community: Utilise communications to engage and activate, remain relevant throughout members lives, reach out to new areas and be the creative hub.

  • Shape our Industries: Be the respected and authoritative voice across all of our industries, influence policy, mobilise our membership and broaden our sphere of influence. 
  • Provide Services that our members and potential members value: Find out what our members and potential members want, give it to them.

Our Members

Our members include people working in television, radio, theatre and film, entertainment venues and recreation grounds, as journalists, actors, dancers, sportspeople, cartoonists and photographers, orchestral and opera performers, as well as people working in public relations, advertising, book publishing and website production.

Our Locations and Staffing

The MEAA national office is in Redfern in Sydney. There are branch offices located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

MEAA represents its members who are based throughout Australia.

Director, Media - 
Overall purpose:

With the needs of media members’ front of mind, the Director, Media will have the goal of growing the union to build power at work for the people who inform and entertain Australia.

They will take responsibility for developing and coordinating our campaigning, industrial and organising work across the Media section of MEAA.

Using their experience and understanding of media industries, the Director, Media will lead campaigns of importance creating a prosperous future for journalism.

They will coordinate workplace campaigns including collective bargaining across a variety of large and small workplaces.

Positioned as a leading voice for Australia’s media industries, they will direct industrial and communication strategies to build power for media members across the industry.

Specific roles:

  • Development and implementation of Media industrial and organising strategy and planning, across MEAA’s regional structures
  • Development and implementation of Media policy and campaigns strategy and planning
  • Coordination of Media growth strategies and campaigns through embedding MEAA’s growth and recruitment focus in all Media industrial and campaigning work
  • Supervision of Media industrial and organising staff
  • Coordination with other MEAA staff to gain maximum leverage from campaigns and organizing strategies
  • Coordination of Media collective bargaining campaigns
  • Representation of MEAA before various tribunals such as Fair Work Commission
  • Liaison with government, employers and other key industry stakeholders.

Performance measures:

  • Sustained and continued increase in Media membership of MEAA
  • A growth and recruitment culture embedded among MEAA Media industrial and organising staff, activists and members
  • MEAA membership established in un-unionised sectors and increased in low-union sectors, in areas of Media coverage
  • Increase in the number of activists in the Media section
  • Increase in the number of Media members engaging in Alliance training and other opportunities to participate to MEAA work
  • Campaigns and communications fully leverage opportunities for recruitment and organising
  • Increase in rates of pay, improved conditions and a strong sense of collective strength among media membership
  • MEAA regarded as one of Australia’s leading, innovative, growth-focused unions
  • MEAA campaigns coordinated effectively across the union, and with other unions in the sectors covered by MEAA
  • MEAA positioned as the voice of the people that work in media industries, assessed through standard communications measures (requests for interviews, quotes, invitations to speak at conferences, submissions, published/broadcast work etc)
  • MEAA’s position on major media policies is clearly understood and increasingly adopted by policy-makers
  • Staff retention rates stabilise and improve. 


The Director, Media will have the skills and initiative to plan campaigns, manage staff, coordinate work with other leaders of the organisation to achieve targeted outcomes, negotiate outcomes and manage relations with other stakeholders. The ideal candidate will currently be performing a similar role in a like-minded organisation with the expected high level of enthusiasm and initiative this important role demands. Ideally, they will have experience working in the media, entertainment or arts industries.

Reports to

·        Chief Executive

Direct reports:

·        Media staff

Internal work contacts:

·        National Media Committee

·        Director, Operations

·        Director, Organising

·        Director, Finance

·        Director, Industrial & Advocacy

·        Director, Communications

·        Director, Equity

·        Director, Entertainment, Crew, and Sport

·        Director, Education & Campaigns

·        Director, Technology

·        Regional Directors

External Work Contacts:

·        Other unions, the ACTU, international trade union bodies

·        Media, entertainment and arts owners and managers

·        Fair Work Commission

·        Industry stakeholders (eg media and entertainment industry bodies etc)

·        Media Super

Remuneration is dependent on skills and experience.

Applications close on Wednesday 20 March 2019.  Please forward your CV and covering letter marked

attention Jack Walton to jobs@meaa.org.





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Closing Date

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Closing Time

05:00 PM

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Jennifer O'Brien

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