The Safe Rates Team takes two shopping trolleys of evidence to Coles Managing Directors office.


Last Thursday Safe Rates supporters from across Australia took our Safe Rates message straight to the doors of Coles Headquarters in Melbourne.

Delivering two shopping trollies filled with evidence supporting Safe Rates to Coles MD John Durkin, supporters cried out: “when will you take safety on our roads seriously?”

WATCH: Channel 10 coverage of our march



Woolworths has begun to recognise it has a role to play in making our roads safer, but Coles continues to keep its head in the sand and pretend it has no responsibility for transport workers or for others on our roads.

The only way we’re going to win Safe Rates is by transport workers and supporters like you coming together to demand changes from companies like Coles.

Will you help today by spreading the word by sharing the news about our march?

Until next time,

The Safe Rates Team

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