The O’Farrell Government’s savage cuts to fire stations, TAFE colleges and local hospitals have been roundly condemned by voters in Miranda, who have delivered an historic and thumping defeat for the Coalition in yesterday’s by-election.

Unions campaigned hard against cuts to essential local services, joining in a groundswell of community concern that resulted in a historic 27 per cent swing against a first term Government.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said the O’Farrell Government’s cuts had deeply alienated the local community.

“The O’Farrell Government’s cuts to local fire stations, TAFE colleges and hospitals are poisonous and yesterday the local community sent a clear message,” Mr Lennon said.

“For weeks trade union activists involved with the Shire Community Union Alliance have heard the message loud and clear – stop the cuts and show respect for the local community.

“A 27 per cent swing against any government is unprecedented. Normally first term governments enjoy strong support in their first term.

“If the State Government fails to heed the message of this swing they will do so at their own peril. Clearly, voters want a Government that invests in the future and sees public services as a solution, not a problem.

“This result goes beyond any unique local factors. Voters are sick of the cuts and want to see investment in public services.”

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