Workers and residents who attended a community forum at Mortdale were encouraged to become vocal about the proposed privatisation of the electricity ‘‘poles and wires’’ network.

St George Community Unions said about 90 people were at the Mortdale RSL Club meeting on Wednesday night.

Spokeswoman Karen Gambian opened the forum and encouraged people to ‘‘spread the word’’.

“As workers we need to talk about the impact that selling our electricity network will have on our community and our way of life,’’ she said.

‘‘So if you’re on Twitter and Facebook, start the conversation online.

‘‘Write to your local paper and, of course speak to your neighbours about this issue.’’

Electrical Trade Union secretary, Steve Butler, encouraged people to use the power of conversation to ‘‘change hearts and minds to stop the sell-off’’.

“We can change minds, we can change votes and we can change the government,’’ he said.

United Services Union general secretary, Graeme Kelly said residents had paid taxes over many years to help build a reliable, safe and profit making electricity network.

‘‘Why on earth would a government wish to sell an asset which brought in $1.7 billion last year and paid for thousands of teachers, nurses and cops?’’ he said.

Professionals Australia official Nicholas Gotsis questioned the reliability and maintenance of the electricity network if it was sold.

 Unions NSW secretary, Mark Lennon, said the campaigns against the proposal were being run across NSW in the lead-up to the state election next March.

‘‘We need a government that is prepared to fight and win secure jobs for this state, to uphold strong rights in the workplace and invest to produce world-class public services and assets,’’ he said.



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