A rally outside Hutchison’s Port Botany Terminal at Gate “B”, 153 Foreshore Rd, Port Botany will be held on MONDAY, 3RD AUGUST 2015.

The Rally will start assembling at 12:45pm for a 1pm start.

This Rally follows the recent "restructure" announcement by Hutchisons they are not seeking any new contracts and offloading current ones. The scale of the announced redundancies and the volume of work that the remaining contracts provide would enable the introduction of a fully automated terminal in late 2016.. 

The MUA would rather negotiate with the company in an attempt to resolve whatever difficulties the company claims are affecting its business. However, Hutchison’s seem intent on provoking a dispute and cultivating waterfront disharmony, rather than complying with its obligations under the Enterprise Agreement and negotiating in good faith around the introduction in new technology. The similarities to the 1998 lockout are for all to see.

Affiliates are encouraged to attend and support the MUA at the Rally on Monday 3rd August commencing at 1:00pm.

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