Unions NSW has hit back at a campaign run by the business lobby that claims jobs will be lost unless workers compensation entitlements are cut.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon, said the business lobby’s argument to cut workers compensation was based on false premises.

“The business lobby has little credibility when it argues that jobs and investment will flee the state because of workers compensation premiums,” Mr Lennon said.

“Since 2005, premiums have come down by almost one one-third.

“Independent analysis shows that workers compensation premiums have very little effect on where businesses establish themselves. Infrastructure, the supply of skilled labour and the broader economy are the main game and business knows it.

“The business lobby should suspend its scare campaign about job losses. Instead, they should spell out how they intend to prevent workplace injuries and outline how they will return sick and injured employees to the workforce on appropriate duties.

“That’s what will drive down premiums – not attacks on sick and injured workers.”