The election of a new Premier represents an opportunity to put the public interest ahead of the concerns of the big end of town for the first time in six years.

“Mike Baird’s resignation is an opportunity to reject the pro-corporate agenda that has dominated NSW policy making for the past six years,” said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW.

“We have witnessed a turbo-charged privatisation agenda that has focused on the short term needs of conservative politicians and the finance sector. Whoever becomes the next Premier needs to implement an agenda which benefits all of NSW rather than a two speed economy that elevates the lucky above the rest of NSW.

“The Coalition has slashed funding to essential services such as TAFE and women’s refuges. The current agenda has denied regional and outer-metropolitan communities much needed jobs and support, cutting community services, privatising hospitals and sending procurement dollars offshore.

“Fewer than one in five dollars from the State Government’s asset sales are being spent in regional NSW. In a two-speed economy, the NSW Government is putting its foot on the Sydney accelerator, while it yanks the handbrake on regional NSW.

“Under the conservatives, the only people getting a leg up are those who don’t need it - the wealthy and powerful.

“Unions will approach the new Premier with an open mind. But we will also hold the new Premier to account. We need real change in NSW, not a new Premier selling the same stale product."

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