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Council Meeting Minutes 24 November 2016

UNIONS NSW COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES - MEETING HELD THURSDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2016IN TRADES HALL AUDITORIUM, SYDNEY AT 5:30PM. The President, Com. J. Kiejda occupied the Chair. PRESENT:    M. Morey [Secretary], T. Costa [Assistant Secretary]. OPENING OF THE MEETING:...

A sea of hearts flocks to Sydney

Disability workers hold statewide strike Workers call on Premier to ‘have a heart’ Fears for clients and working conditions 

Restoring flexible work for dads

Fighting for members’ right to be hands-on fathers NSW Health wasting taxpayers money Working families need flexibility 

It’s time for a royal commission on wage theft

Workers being robbed on a mass scale Gig economy driving down wages & conditions Calls for national register to log work and pay 

No backing away from keep it public campaign

Residents & workers rally to keep their hospitals public Calls for Premier to scrap privatisation plans Level of care will suffer in Americanised system 
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