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Jobs action plan needed from O’Farrell Government

The Premier and Treasurer must urgently commit to a jobs action plan by bringing forward infrastructure construction, purchasing from local businesses and building an international airport at Badgerys Creek, to stop the loss of 20,000 jobs across the State.

Unions concerned Baird is lining up another round of cuts

 The State’s trade unions have warned the Treasurer against engaging in another round of job cuts, warning that the public sector has already been cut to the bone.

University of Technology Suspends Union Rep – Rally on Monday 16 Dec at 8am

Simon Wade, who has been an IT worker at UTS for 16 years, was suspended on Tuesday for “serious misconduct”, which is the latest in the harassment from management he’s been dealt since less than a year ago when he was elected branch president and has been on the enterprise...

What’s next for Blacktown?

Public ownership vital for key assets and services

Unions NSW has reiterated its support for retaining government ownership of key public assets and services.

Unions NSW calls on all working people to observe Go Home on Time Day

Unions NSW and its affiliates are throwing their weight behind National Go Home on Time Day, calling on working people across the State to ensure they finish their working day on the dot.

Unions NSW backs Badgerys Creek action plan

The Western Sydney Airport Alliance has released a position paper that maps out the next stages to getting on with the job of locking in Badgerys Creek as the site for a Western Sydney Airport.

NSW govt needs to act on manufacturing

It’s been tough times for manufacturing in NSW over the last few weeks with over 1000 jobs lost in the industry.  

NSW unions High Court challenge begins

The NSW trade union movement today begins a High Court challenge to the O’Farrell Government’s electoral donation laws, arguing they breach the freedom of political communication and association implied in the NSW and Commonwealth constitutions.

Business groups gloat, injured workers wear the cost

Today’s news that the WorkCover premiums will be cut by five per cent shows the deep price paid by some of society’s most vulnerable people, sick and injured workers, under the Government’s deep cuts to workers compensation.
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