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Stark reminder of loss of rights at this Sunday’s Orange May Day march

Shaping up to be one of the largest community or union marches in Orange in recent memory, this Sunday’s May Day march and rally will have a serious element – the shocking treatment of injured workers following the Liberal-National O’Farrell-Stoner Government’s cuts to their protections in Workers Compensation legislation.

Unions NSW Parramatta – what’s on May 2013

Unions NSW Parramatta is your campaign hub.

Business interests to dominate Government boards

The Government’s decision to cut union representatives from its boards will mean a narrow clique from the business community will dominate Government institutions and use them to push their own narrow self interest.

Workers compensation premium cuts for business community coming at the expense of injured workers

Premier Barry O’Farrell’s real motivations for slashing the state’s workers compensation system has been exposed by today’s announcement of a premium reduction for employers by an average of 7.5 per cent, according to Unions NSW.

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Why weekend workers deserve their penalty rates

Mark Lennon. Published in The Daily Telegraph April 22, 2013  

It’s a bit rich – Mark Lennon’s letter to the Editor, Daily Telegraph

It’s a bit rich for the Business Chamber to attack workers for allegedly taking Friday sickies (Daily Telegraph, Friday 19 April) when there is a genuine and documented exploitation going in the workplace, unpaid overtime.

Unions back Badgerys Creek for second Sydney airport

Jobs and investment must be the priority

What did time with your new baby mean to you?

Have you or your partner had a baby? Were you able to access any paid time off work to spend time with your child in those important first weeks and months?

Unions launch High Court challenge

NSW unions will today launch a High Court challenge to the O’Farrell Government’s electoral donation laws, arguing they breach the freedom of political communication and association that is implied in the NSW and Commonwealth constitutions.
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