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It’s a bit rich – Mark Lennon’s letter to the Editor, Daily Telegraph

It’s a bit rich for the Business Chamber to attack workers for allegedly taking Friday sickies (Daily Telegraph, Friday 19 April) when there is a genuine and documented exploitation going in the workplace, unpaid overtime.

Unions back Badgerys Creek for second Sydney airport

Jobs and investment must be the priority

What did time with your new baby mean to you?

Have you or your partner had a baby? Were you able to access any paid time off work to spend time with your child in those important first weeks and months?

Unions launch High Court challenge

NSW unions will today launch a High Court challenge to the O’Farrell Government’s electoral donation laws, arguing they breach the freedom of political communication and association that is implied in the NSW and Commonwealth constitutions.

Unions will rise to defend the rights of workers

I have always had a fascination with magic eye pictures. They seem so simple on the surface. But when you gaze a little longer all sorts of chaos is revealed.

Unions NSW Government Scorecard Results

Over the past 2 weeks Unions NSW has been busy all over the state, talking to the people to find out exactly what they think of the O’Farrell Government. Unions NSW has been at fairs and stalls, train stations and parks, asking people to fill out the scorecard for the...

O’Farrell’s job cuts and asset sales deeply unpopular

Polling released by Unions NSW today reveals that Barry O’Farrell’s program of job cuts and attacks on workers compensation is deeply unpopular among NSW voters.

Day 6 Week of action Recap

Today was such a beautiful day to spread the word about Barry’s Cuts. We started bright and early at the Ryde TAFE campus, where we were informed by the local Ryde Community Union Alliance that over 90 jobs were being cut from that campus alone.

Unions NSW expresses solidarity with Queensland trade unions

Unions NSW has today expressed solidarity with trade unions in Queensland, as they mark the one year anniversary of the election of Campbell Newman.

May Day March 2013

Come and join us on May 5th as we celebrate May Day with a march through the City.  
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