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Union boss wants $5m payback for HSU

Deborah SnowArticle sourced from: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/union-boss-wants-5m-payback-for-hsu-20131016-2vn4r.html

Elvis gives unions the thumbs up!

Destination Fiji

Korean Day Festival

Appin Mine staff achieve first-ever Agreement in ground-breaking case

Appin Mine staff have reached their first ever Enterprise Agreement with BHP, after three years of protracted negotiations that involved guidance and rulings from both Fair Work Australia and the Federal Court, and which in effect defined the obligations employers have in bargaining with employees.

GST hike would hit working people

MEDIA RELEASE GST hike would hit working people

Government gloats as independent umpire is squashed

Government gloats as independent umpire is squashed

NSW Workers can’t afford both

In the lead up to Saturdays federal election a reminder for NSW workers of our experience under Barry O’Farrell

WorkChoices Mark II – the evidence mounts

Day by day the Coalitions plan for workplace laws should they win government on September 7 become more evident.

Goulburn District Unions Election Forum – standing room only

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