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An amazing story from Channel 7 on workers compensation

Channel 7 talks to Emily Orchard on how her life has been impacted by Workers Compensation

Mythbusting – Setting the record straight on workers compensation

Unions NSW has hit back at a campaign run by the business lobby that claims jobs will be lost unless workers compensation entitlements are cut.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon, said the business lobby’s argument to cut workers compensation was based on false premises.

“The business lobby has little credibility when it argues that jobs and investment will flee the state because of workers compensation premiums,” Mr Lennon said.

“Since 2005, premiums have come down by almost one one-third.

“Independent analysis shows that workers compensation premiums have very little effect on where businesses establish themselves. Infrastructure, the supply of skilled labour and the broader economy are the main game and business knows it.

“The business lobby should suspend its scare campaign about job losses. Instead, they should spell out how they intend to prevent workplace injuries and outline how they will return sick and injured employees to the workforce on appropriate duties.

“That’s what will drive down premiums – not attacks on sick and injured workers.”

Unions Launch workers comp TV ads, announce rally

The trade union movement’s campaign against cuts to workers compensation ramps up a notch this week, with the launch of TV advertisements and the announcement of a major rally.

The advertisements – a creative animation – will air on major commercial TV networks for the next five weeks.

They will be accompanied by a series of billboards on major roads across Sydney.

“The message in these advertisements is simple. Anyone can get injured at work and under these changes, everyone is vulnerable, Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said.

“Under the proposed changes, workers would lose protection on their way to and from work. Medical expenses would be capped and compensation would be cut off after two and a half years.

“The Government is attacking some of the society’s most vulnerable people, sick and injured workers.”

Mr Lennon will also announce details of a rally, to be held on Macquarie Street, at the front of parliament on Wednesday, June 13.

“Major workplace rights are on the chopping block here – the right to compensation for sick and injured workers is absolutely crucial,” Mr Lennon said.

“There’s no question that reform is needed, but it must not be at the expense of society’s most vulnerable people.”

16 May 2012

News piece from Channel Ten on the changes to workers compensation.

14 May 2012

ABC’s News coverage of today’s launch!

Head on over to the ABC’s Website here for more.

The Campaign against Barry O’Farrell’s attack on workers compensation has been launched.

Here are some of the pictures from the launch!




13 May 2012

The Workers Health Centre has produced a video showing the human face of workplace injuries. Check it out.

23 April 2012

The Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, has announced the release of an issues paper outlining a number of options for changes.

To provide “an opportunity for consultation and review” the Government has referred the matter to a Joint Select Committee inquiry. The Committee was set up on 2 May and is due to report on 13 June 2012.

Submissions to the Inquiry are now open. If you have been injured at work, or know someone who has, we want you to tell your story. Click here to tell your story, and if you wish, send it as a submission to the Inquiry.

In addition, you can email your local MP about the changes.

Submissions close on 17 May 2012.

The hearing dates are 21, 25 and 28 May 2012. The hearing venue is New South Wales Parliament, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

The terms of reference are:

a)     the performance of the Scheme in the key objectives of promoting better health outcomes and return to work outcomes for injured workers.
b)     the financial sustainability of the Scheme and its impact on the New South Wales economy, current and future jobs in New South Wales and the State’s competitiveness; and
c)     the functions and operations of the WorkCover Authority.

The Inquiry must also note and examine the WorkCover NSW actuarial valuation of outstanding claims liability for the NSW Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer as at 31 December 2011, and the External peer review of outstanding claims liabilities of the Nominal Insurer as at 31 December 2011.

The membership of the Committee is:
Hon Robert Borsak MLC – Shooters and Fishers Party (Chair)
Mr Mark Speakman MP – Liberal Party (Deputy Chair)
Hon Niall Blair MLC – The Nationals
Mr Michael Daley MP – Australian Labor Party
Hon Paul Green MLC – Christian Democratic Party
Hon Trevor Khan MLC – The Nationals
Hon Adam Searle MLC – Australian Labor Party
Mr Rob Stokes MP – Liberal Party

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