A trade union ground campaign is targeting Western Sydney MPs, over the Liberal government's systemic failure on TAFE.

In the last week of an increasingly tight election race, UnionsNSW's Not Glad Gladys campaign, along with campaigners from the Public Service Association and the Teachers Federation, will hold several TAFE rallies outside prominent Western Sydney Liberal MPs offices. 

"Across NSW throughout this election we have consistently heard people are really worried about the future of TAFE, and particularly what it means for young people's job prospects," said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW. 

“The fact is this Government has gutted the TAFE system, and undermined its ability to provide high-quality training.

"TAFE is under attack from the Liberals. TAFE has gone from being a world class vocational training provider to a shell. The only value the NSW Liberals see when it comes to TAFE is the property value of the campuses."

UnionNSW's Not Glad Gladys activists will be joined by the PSA's Rebuild our TAFE and the Teacher's Federation Stop TAFE Cuts campaigns to rally in Penrith, Revesby, Hammondville and Seven Hills. 

TAFE has trained and educated millions of Australians in some of the most important professions in the country. But successive Liberal governments have critically weakened TAFE by reallocating funding to for-profit, private providers. The result is students holding debt but no qualification, ripped off by scam providers funded by the taxpayer.
“Over 6,000 jobs have been lost in TAFE since 2011 - across teachers, support staff and administration," said Stewart Little General Secretary of the PSA, which looks after TAFE administration and support staff.
“The attack on TAFE has seen enrolments drop away, which the Government has then used to justify more cuts and the sale of TAFE campuses."

Maxine Sharkey Deputy Secretary NSW Teacher Federation said: “Young people and those wanting to retrain, particularly women wanting to re -enter the workforce after child rearing, have a cost barrier of hundreds and even thousands of dollars put in front of them before they can enrol in a TAFE course."


When: Midday, Monday 18 March 2019
Where: Liberal Member Glen Brooks' office, 20 Revesby Pl, Revesby

When: 11:30 am Tuesday 19 March 2019
Where: Liberal Member Melanie Gibbons' office, 60 Walder Rd, Hammondville

When: 2pm Tuesday 19 March 2019
Where: Liberal Member Mark Taylor's office, 166 Best Rd, Seven Hills
When: 3:30pm Tuesday 19 March 2019
Where: Liberal Member Stuart Ayers' office, 510 High St, Penrith 


March 14, 2009

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