In the following article from the Sydney Morning Herald 12 January 2015, it shows unions in NSW gearing up in our campaign against the Baird Liberal Government and their privatisation by stealth. 

We're engaging in a community based grassroots campaign to put a stop to the Baird government's plans to privatise electricity, education and health services; essential services that we believe should remain in public hands.

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NSW unions and the Labor Party are mounting aggressive grassroots campaigns against the Baird government's plans to privatise electricity, education and health services.

Union leaders say the state election campaign will be their most consolidated in history.

It aims to engage the community directly at train stations and through door knocking, street stalls, letter-box drops and telephone calls. It is modelled on a similar strategy that was successfully used to unseat the government in Victoria last year. It also borrows tactics used in US President Barack Obama's campaigns.

Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon said unions would campaign for quality public services, jobs, and against the Baird government's agenda to privatise electricity network "poles and wires" , hospitals and TAFE.

"This will be a watershed election in NSW. It will be about whether we are going to accept as a community that the government's role is simply to allow more and more of the private sector to provide public services, or are we going to make a stand, and say 'no'," he said.   

"We don't have a problem with the private sector, but it's a question of degree. This government is privatising by stealth.

"We are yet to see privatisation of electricity assets that have been to the benefit of the community at large. "

NSW Teachers Federation president Maurie Mulheron said teachers would campaign against the Baird government's public sector wage freeze that meant teachers were losing money in real terms.

"We are calling on the state government to lift the 2.5 per cent salary cap and allow teachers and public sector unions access to the industrial relations commission so we can have independent arbitration of salary levels, which we have been denied," he said.

"The privatisation of TAFE is going to be a central campaign. 

"We've already seen over a thousand teaching and other positions lost out of the system, and courses rationalised.

"We will support the broader Unions NSW campaign against privatisation in hospitals, electricity and TAFE. "It will be based on what they did in Victoria with a lot of door knocking and taking the issues directly to the people."

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