The Sydney Airport line stands as flashing warning light to New South Wales taxpayers about what happens when services that should be publicly operated are left to the private sector to operate and maintain.

Trains from Sydney Airport are a public good and their primary focus should be easing traffic congestion and productively moving passengers between their flights and our great city.

Instead the primary focus of the Sydney Airport line is maximising the fare return from passengers to fatten the coffers of its private owner.

While the NSW Government provides all the train operations and bears the costs associated with doing so, the private sector reaps the benefits of operating the line.

People in NSW will not be hoodwinked by the NSW Government as they know exactly how privatisation works. Services are operated to shake out the most cash for private owners, instead of being operated in the public interest.

Instead of trying to position the state’s public services for privatisation, Treasurer Gladys Berejikilian should heed the warning of the Sydney Airport line.

By Mark Morey, Unions NSW Secretary

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