Unions NSW calls for State to work harder at relaxing this Christmas

Unions NSW is calling on people across the State to give themselves a proper break this Christmas and get smarter and about their smartphones, for the sake of their families, their mental health and their future productivity.

“Smartphones are still a relatively recent technology, but they are increasingly creating problems and we need to develop a better culture around their use – especially over Christmas,” Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said.

“Just because they allow you to check and send emails constantly, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Your car can probably clock 180kph plus, but it doesn’t mean you should.”


Mr Lennon said smarter smartphone use over the holidays was no longer just a simple case of turning devices off, because there was so much overlap between work functions, like email, and recreational functions, like cameras.

Unions NSW has today released its top five smartphone tips to ease the pressure over Christmas:


  1. Use the ‘do not disturb’ mode, or turn off notifications
  2. Create an extra long password to unlock your phone – to make it harder to use habitually
  3. Set yourself a defined half hour a day to check messages – and then leave the phone for the rest of the day
  4. Remember to set an ‘out of office’ message on your email so people know you’re away
  5. Give your device to a 12-year-old for 15 minutes – they’re sure to make it unusable

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