The NSW Not For Sale campaign will be ramping up in the Northern Rivers region with workers at the Tweed Hospital meeting to oppose the Americanisation of public health in NSW. 

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon will meet with workers at Tweed Hospital, who are concerned about the Liberal State Government’s continued push toward privatisation.

“Heath services across the whole Northern Rivers region are stretched to breaking point,” Mr Lennon said.

“People across this whole area are very concerned about the privatisation agenda of the Baird Government, and what this will mean for health service accessibility and quality.”

Mr Lennon is visiting the region and will attend a candidates’ forum in the evening, at which all Northern Rivers candidates will be invited to come and tell the voting public whether they are for or against the privatisation agenda.

“Workers want to see government investing in our regional communities, instead of simply flogging off big chunks of it. People like the idea of accountable public ownership of power, instead of having electricity controlled by private interests for profit,” he said.

With just three weeks to go before NSW votes, Northern Rivers Unionist Network Spokesperson Maralyn Schofield said she will be calling on candidates to commit to protecting local health and community services and the state’s poles and wires from privatisation.

“The Northern Rivers region already has unemployment rates well above the state average – it can’t afford to lose any more jobs. Workers here want their local candidates to stand up for jobs and services and invest in local communities instead of allowing Premier Baird and the Liberals to sell off the farm.”

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