The State's union movement will mobilise to fight a sustained campaign against the Government’s plan to privatise five regional NSW hospitals in Maitland, Wyong, Goulburn, Shellharbour and Bowral.

In its latest attack on regional jobs and livelihoods following the shock ban on Greyhound racing, the Baird Government announced its sell-off intentions late yesterday. The move was not foreshadowed at the State election, and has not been the subject of a community debate. 

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Morey, said working people in regional NSW were sick of being used for political experiments by the Baird Government.

"Just as Mike Baird decided to ban an entire industry with no warning, he has now decided to privatise five regional hospitals. This is the start of the Americanisation of our health system with more losers than winners. 

"This move is pure cost-cutting and will ultimately degrade the quality and reliability of hospital care in these regions. A new private operator has to find a profit, and ultimately it will be found at the expense of patients. If it's the choice between treating a private patient or one on Medicare we all know who misses out.

"It would be novel if the Premier had the decency to at least discuss these grand political and economic experiments with the affected communities, before announcing them with zero consultation and debate.

"Mike Baird holds the people of NSW in contempt and treats regional communities as second class citizens.  The NSW trade union movement is going to mobilise against this offensive, short-sighted decision." 


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