With temperatures tipped by the Bureau of Meteorology to be pushing towards 40 degrees for much of this week, Unions have re-issued an essential health warning to workers in this state. 

With temperatures over 36 degrees the human body’s balancing mechanisms become problematic without the added stress of undertaking work. Heat stress can injure and kill so is an important consideration of working in Summer.

With temperatures so high outside or manual work should be minimised or avoided. Think about moving the time of any manual work to earlier in the morning or doing some of that much needed admin work that you have been putting off.

Whether you are working inside or outside it is important to remain hydrated. Your water intake is heightened when working in heat. Remember that energy drinks whilst high in caffeine, and sugar may not hydrate you to the level needed when working in heat.

If you really have to work in the heat, don’t work alone and structure breaks, hydration breaks, and a reduced workload into your daily tasks.

Look for the signs of heat stress on yourself and your work colleagues.

Sun protection should be applied all year in Australia.

REMEMBER: Your employer under the Work Health and Safety Act has a responsibility to provide you with a safe workplace, environment and systems of work. You also have the ability to cease work yourself, and your Health and Safety Representative has the ability to direct you to cease work if your safety is at risk.

For more detailed heat risk management information go to: 


ACTU Safe@Work

SafeWork NSW Code of Practice


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