Justice for Injured Workers: 5 years on

It will be 5 years on 19 June 2017 since the cuts to workers compensation were made. We are commemorating this event with a Special Labour Council meeting on 22 June 2017. RSVP here.

Since the cuts were made, Unions NSW and the workers compensation campaign have won a number of significant changes including:

  • Increasing the medical cap to 2-5 years, depending on level of impairment (up from one year);
  • Reducing the threshold for serious injury by one-third (from 31% WPI to 21% WPI);
  • Re-introducing a form of free legal representation for some claims (ILARS); and
  • Separating the conflicted insurance and regulatory functions of WorkCover (iCare and SIRA).

Unions NSW will keep campaigning for our 12 Principles of Workers Compensation Reform, which we believe will restore justice for injured workers. You can find out more about the 12 Principles here.

We have also produced a flyer to summarise what is wrong with the workers compensation system. It prioritises five changes to the system in the short term:

  1. Abolishing the five year limit on benefits.
  2. Adding realism to the definition of suitable employment.
  3. Boosting return to work rates.
  4. Prohibiting prospective employers from asking if a worker has a workers compensation history.
  5. Reinstating journey claim cover.

You can download a copy of the flyer here

We need as many people as possible to sign up to be part of our workers compensation campaign team. Sign up here

Email Us if you would like us to report at your delegates meeting or community group about the importance of changing the workers compensation laws so we have a fairer system for NSW injured workers.