Macquarie University Workers Compensation report launch

Since the 2012 changes to workers compensation, injured workers have been doing it tough. 

There has been a 24 per cent reduction in active compensation claims, with 5,000 injured workers cut off from weekly income entitlements and 20,000 long-term injured losing coverage for medical treatment.

This Friday 6 March Unions NSW will be launching the latest  research by Macquarie University which has been independently conducted since the changes came into play in June 2012 and you can find out what local state election candidates have signed the pledge to support injured workers. RSVP now.

The main changes introduced by the Liberal Government in June 2012 included:

  • Removal of workers compensation coverage for trips to and from work;
  • Stopping weekly payments for most injured workers after 2 ½ years or earlier;
  • Capping medical payments for injured workers; and
  • Removing the ability for workers to get legal assistance in relation to decisions to remove them from the scheme.

Since the cuts, the scheme has returned to surplus so quickly that employers have been given a 17% average reduction in their premiums, but there has been no return to fairness for injured workers.

We would particularly love to have injured workers at this event. We are holding the launch in the heart of western Sydney, in Penrith at the Joan Sutherland Theatre. Click here to RSVP.