NSWNMA - Industrial Officer, 12 Month Temporary Full-time/Part-time

Industrial Officer - 12 month temporary full time/part time
$121,212.00 per annum + Superannuation + 12 RDOs + + 5 weeks annual leave + Christmas shut down

The New South Wales Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) in association with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation New South Wales Branch (ANMF NSW Branch) seeks an Industrial Officer to join our Strategic Industrial and Bargaining Team on a 12 month temporary full time/part time basis starting in June 2019. Part time applications will also be considered where the applicant is able to arrange their hours over a minimum of three (3) days per week.

In this role, you will progress collective bargaining campaigns and strategic industrial relations matters, including the provision of expert support, advice and representation to members and NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch union officers in the broad areas of development and achievement of collective bargaining Agreements through embracing organising frameworks.

This position will appeal to Industrial Officers who want to combine their technical and negotiation skills with campaigning work and those who enjoy collaboration with workplace delegates and Organisers.

Position Description

Position: Industrial Officer, Strategic Industrial and Bargaining Team (SIBT)
Reports to:
Campaign Lead, SIBT

Key relationships:

SIBT, Member Organising team, Communications team, MIST, Professional Services team, branch officials/member leaders.
employers and their representatives, unions and peak bodies, tribunals, ANMF federal office and branches.

Hours of work:
Full Time/part time in accordance with the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association (NSWNMA) and Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation New South Wales Branch (ANMF NSW Branch) Employment Enterprise Agreement

Salary range:
Industrial Officer, Level 1 - 5

The NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch is a strong, influential union of members respected as a contemporary leader in society for its innovation and achievements.

Our Values

The NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch conducts itself with integrity and courage, demonstrating creative and innovative approaches. The NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch will be an authoritative advocate on behalf of the nursing and midwifery professions, as well as for the community in advancing a world-class, well-funded, integrated health system, based on a clear and considered vision for the future. The NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch will demonstrate ethical and respectful behaviour in its interactions with other organisations and society, whilst ensuring its own workplace is cohesive, fair and dynamic, embracing shared union beliefs.

Position Overview:
To progress collective bargaining campaigns and strategic industrial relations matters, including the provision of expert support, advice and representation to members and NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch union officers in the following broad areas:
1. General professional industrial work to contribute to the achievement of the Association’s strategic goals.
2. Development and achievement of collective bargaining Agreements
3. Industrial advocacy in tribunals

Key Responsibilities:
General professional industrial work
 Provide thoroughly-researched quality reportage and professional advice to the formal bodies of the Association as required, for example Committee of Delegates, Annual Conference and Council meetings.
 Provide high quality reportage to contribute to the communication of industrial matters to members across online and offline channels
 Provide research, report writing and/or claim development on industrial issues, either award/agreement-specific or of general application
 Apply an excellent standard of written and oral communication in all dealings with industrial parties
 Represent the Association in external forums where required eg. Unions NSW meetings/committees, Conferences.
 Represent the Association in various NSWNMA member forums where required eg. member educational seminars
 contribute to the development of the Association’s broad industrial policy and strategic industrial priorities as required.
 Assume responsibility for development and implementation of union policy or negotiations in specialised industrial areas where allocated
Providing professional direction and leadership to other Association staff and/or Branch Officials on industrial matters.
 Undertaking research into instrument-related matters and preparing advice/recommendations to Association management or Branches where appropriate
Implementation of industrial negotiations and/or collective bargaining campaigns
 Develop and execute member research process for collective bargaining claim development
 Support and guide Organisers in carrying out process for member consultation, claim endorsement, feedback during bargaining period, member approval of proposed agreement/settlement
 Participate in or lead campaign planning for particular collective agreements, including phasing considerations and the integration of organising, industrial, nursing professional, and communications aspects
 Where required, develop model and innovative claims
 planning and executing strategies aimed at achieving collective agreements, integrating organising and campaigning
 Leading or participating in negotiations with employers (as allocated)
 Provide industrial advice to organising, campaign and communications officers to contribute to development of their campaign-related activities including participating in and advising internal campaign committees/groups and providing written material for Organisers where needed
 Provide written material to members during the bargaining process, tailored for audience and to a variety of offline and online channels
 Undertake preparation and presentation of submissions in industrial tribunals, including evidence/affidavits where required.
Industrial advocacy in tribunals
Prepare and present matters in industrial tribunals relating to:
 collective agreements (e.g. relating to the bargaining process, approval, transmission, variation etc.);
 the making and variation of State Awards (in conjunction with Unions NSW as relevant);
 ANMF contributions to national award and legislative matters; and
 other matters as directed.

Selection Criteria:
Demonstrated commitment to the trade union movement
 Commitment to strive for the advancement of nurses and midwives and their professions
 Thorough working knowledge of contemporary industrial relations legislation and practices and adaptability to changing legislative regimes
 Specific knowledge and preferably experience in the negotiation of collective agreements
 Specific knowledge and experience in tribunal advocacy
 Developed negotiation, advocacy and representation skills
 Experience in program/project development, implementation and evaluation ability including skills such as co-ordination, highly-developed consultation skills
 High level of initiative and ability to self-manage a range of complex issues/matters simultaneously; prioritise work considering campaign, team and organisational goals
 Ability to exercise accurate and high level judgment about industrial issues, including those with union-wide sensitivity or implications, commensurate with level of experience in the role
 Ability to operate and deliver outcomes in a political environment
 Excellent written and oral communication skills
 High level of industrial research and analytical skills
 Flexibility to adapt to high pressure situations and meet tight deadlines under pressure
 Ability to provide professional leadership and direction to Organisers on industrial issues
 Embrace organising frameworks in your execution of bargaining campaigns; or where not able to demonstrate this at the point of employment, a willingness to learn and apply these
 Ability to participate effectively as a member of a team
 Word processing and typing capacity to a level of reasonable self-sufficiency and working knowledge of Word, email and Excel, internet searching
 Ability to relate effectively with members/delegates/potential members, and employers/employer representatives
 Current driver’s licence (class 1A)

Relevant tertiary education:
A degree including industrial relations, or alternatively arts, law or other broad social sciences discipline is relevant. An alternative is an extensive number of years experience working directly in the specialist IR field, most likely augmented by diploma or continuing education-level studies in IR.
 Experience in related fields such as work as an Organiser, industrial research officer or employment/IR lawyer is an additional benefit but not a requirement
 Prior working experience in the trade union movement is an additional benefit but not a requirement

Click here to apply for this position online. In your application, please address each point of the selection criteria found in the Industrial Officer position description.

In your application, please address each point of the selection criteria found in the Industrial Officer position description.

NSWNMA/ANMF NSW Branch is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we invite you to be part of an organisation that fosters a diverse workplace.


Applications close Sunday, 5 May 2019.

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Closing Date

Sunday, May 05, 2019

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05:00 PM

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Nan Zhang

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