Today, September 8 is equal pay day and trade unions are calling for action from the Premier as research reveals the gender pay gap in NSW is above the national average and much greater than Victoria.

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (May 2016, cat. 6302.0) shows the NSW gender pay gap of 17.1 % was behind only Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  Victoria, by contrast, had a gap of only 12.4%.

The national gender pay gap is 16.2% or $261.10 per week.

"What is going on in NSW? We hear from the Premier about how he is going to take on and beat Victoria at sport or major events, but what is he doing to beat Victoria when it comes to pay equity,” asked Emma Maiden, Assistant Secretary of Unions NSW.

“Working women in NSW are no less worthy than their southern sisters. We deserve to have this issue taken seriously.

"The Premier should pick up the phone to Daniel Andrews and find out how it’s done. A 4.7% difference doesn't happen by fluke."

Unions in NSW are working to bridge the equal pay gap through the equal pay test case being run in the early childhood education sector and through using the new Workplace Gender Equality Agency data to target employers with poor gender pay performance.

Unions NSW is also calling on the NSW Government to hold a summit of employers, government, unions and the community sector to work together to turn around NSW gender pay performance.

Equal pay day (September 8), marks the number of days after the end of the financial year end that women have to work to earn the same as men. 

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