One year on, the human toll of workers comp changes revealed.

As trade unionists across NSW mark the one-year anniversary of dramatic cuts to worker compensation, a new report by Unions NSW has outlined the human impact of the O’Farrell Government’s decision to slash the scheme.

The results of the survey will be launched by Local Community Unions today, along with a pamphlet blitz, reminding local workers of the unfair treatment dished out to sick and injured workers under Barry O’Farrell’s scheme. Download the report here: Workers Compensation Report – One Year On

The report which includes a survey of 1,392 sick and injured workers finds that almost one fifth of those who were receiving workers compensation payments prior to the changes (92 out of 504) have had their payments cut, with half of those stopped completely.

The survey also outlines the uncertainty and anxiety that the new system is producing. 71 per cent of respondents are still waiting for a Work Capacity Assessment to determine their eligibility for continued payments.

And 86 per cent of the injured workers surveyed are affected by the changes due to their retrospectivity.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon pointed to the discrepancy in benefits for most sick and injured workers and those enjoyed by politicians.

“It’s particularly galling that as we mark the one year anniversary of changes to Workers Compensation, the architect of the reforms, Minister Greg Pearce is on stress leave on full pay. While we don’t begrudge the Minister his right to such leave, the double standard in benefits is appalling.

“The NSW Government should return to the drawing board and introduce a more humane system that puts rehabilitation rather than cost cutting at the centre of its workers compensation agenda.”

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