Over September 12 and 13 unionists from all over the country came together to Build a Better Future. 


Workers from every walk of life took to the streets as part of the biggest doorknock in union history to start conversations with the community about the actions of the Liberal National government.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon joined local workers on the Central Coast including nurses, teachers and hospitality workers to spread the word about the federal Liberal government’s attacks on Penalty Rates, Medicare, University degree fees and the dangerous China Free Trade Agreement. 

“The Federal Liberal government has lost touch with the concerns and aspirations of local workers and our community at large here on the Coast and all over the state. We expect electedgovernment to stand up for penalty rates which ensure workers across the state and country are able to make ends meet. They didn’t vote for a pay cut in 2013.”  

Mr Lennon said the community was also worried about the impact $100K university degrees would have on the next generation of students coming through the education system. 

“We have an obligation as a community to ensure that our young people are given the opportunity in life to further their studies and become the nurses, teachers and scientists of tomorrow. This window will close for many if the Liberals get their way on $100K university degrees.”

Over the course of the weekend activists talked face to face with the community discussing Medicare cuts, education cuts, penalty rates attacks, the unfair clauses in the Free Trade Agreement with China, and other policies which will adversely impact the community.

The army of activists knocked on a combined 20,000 doors and had over 7000 conversations as part of the Build a Better Future campaign. 

Below are the galleries from 7 of the communities where the Doorknock took place.

If you're interested in joining the Build a Better Future campaign, you can volunteer here.


Gilmore (Kiama):

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