• Boost to paramedic injury protection scheme
  • Increased funding for health and wellbeing
  • Injury prevention key in keeping costs down 

NSW paramedics are celebrating a victory in their yearlong battle with the NSW Government to win back injury protection.

Paramedics raged a war of words by writing slogans on ambulances informing the community about drastic changes to their Death and Disability Scheme.

The changes would have seen their injury protection scheme reduced by 75% and cut off after two years if they were hurt on the job and could never work again. 

 “We are the most trusted profession, but we are also the least protected of the essential services,” said paramedic Mick Grayson. “Despite the fact statistics show paramedics are twice as likely to be injured.”

Mick said one in five paramedics will sustain a work injury resulting in a blow out in insurance costs. “The reality is that the NSW Government doesn’t provide us with enough resources to do the job safely.”

But following community pressure the NSW Government has now boosted paramedic injury protection, along with a $30 million health and wellbeing program.

The program will include a number of initiatives to address paramedics’ key concerns including hazardous manual handling and mental health for paramedics.

 “HSU paramedic members have fought long and hard to boost their injury protection scheme. Now their efforts and protests have been vindicated,” said Gerard Hayes, HSU NSW Secretary.

“When a paramedic is injured they are serving public health, often in traumatic and risky circumstances. It’s only reasonable they receive adequate financial protection.

“The investment in injury prevention is especially welcome. Pneumatic lifting equipment, on call psychological support and real time physio treatment should make a massive dent in the number of paramedic injuries,” Mr Hayes said. 

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