Penrith Carlton United Brewary Solidarity Action


How would you feel being sacked and then offered your job back with a 65% pay cut. Stand with the CUB workers who have endured 9 weeks locked out and holding firm at the community protest at the gates of their workplace. This blatant attack happened in Melbourne, but what if it happened here in Sydney, Parramatta, Gosford, Campbelltown or any other town in NSW. How we respond as a community will send a signal not only to the owners of CUB, but to other employers watching the situation closely, wondering if they can get away with a similar attack on their employees pay and conditions.

What signal will you send? 

Please wear your Build A Better Future Black Shirt to the event – if not contact the organiser and one will be provided to you


Mary Yaager · · 0408 931 899


salim Barbar Mary Yaager

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Friday, August 12, 2016


12:00 PM – 02:00 PM


Penrith Plaza, Riley Street (entrance/exit of the Westfield’s), Penrith

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