• Professionals Australia to combat Pharmacy Guild’s campaign for cuts
  • Pharmacists set to lose up to $6,000 a year
  • Solidarity actions across the state 

Pharmacists across Australia are up in arms after the decision to cut their take home pay will leave them $6000 a year worse off. And to add salt to their wound the employer association, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, is advocating for the cuts. 

The pharmacists union, Professionals Australia, is now ramping up efforts to protect the wages of pharmacists by planning an organising blitz next month.

Director of Professionals Australia, Paul Davies has highlighted the fact that pharmacists in community and franchised corporate chemist shops are the lowest paid health professionals in the country.

“After five years university study they can expect little more than $26 an hour for providing critically important health services, often as the first point of contact for people seeking help,” he said.

Pharmacist and Professionals Australia member Amy said the decision to cut penalty rates is absolutely devastating, not just for pharmacists, but for all the staff that work in community pharmacies.

“We’re set to lose $5,500 a year. How are we supposed to pay our rent and mortgages with such a big hit to our pay?

“By supporting a cut to penalty rates, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has shown they don’t value us.”

Amy told Snapshot she is worried for patients if pharmacists no longer want to work on Sundays because they can no longer afford to.

“It’s just devastating and Malcolm Turnbull needs to realise the impact this cut will have on our daily lives.”

In the wake of the Fair Work Commission’s reduction of Sunday penalty rates for hospitality, retail workers and pharmacists earlier this month, the Australian Industry Group is attempting to take advantage of the situation by seeking to reduce rates for hair stylists as well. The Australian Workers’ Union is has established a campaign to organise hair stylists across the country to ward off any moves to cut their pay. 


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