Sixty percent of people still stand opposed to electricity privatisation according to post-election research released today.

The UMR polling of 609 people in battleground seats conducted on the 29 – 30 April ranked privatisation as the top issue for voters during the election campaign

The poll found:

  • 60% of people oppose the privatisation of electricity assets regardless of how they voted
  • 51% said privatisation influenced their voting decision.

Speaking ahead of the union movement’s appearance before the parliamentary inquiry into the long-lease of the electricity network, Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said the results show that the people of NSW still clearly don’t want their profitable power assets privatised and sold to foreign interests.

“People are very reasonably opposed to the government’s misguided power privatisation plan because they know that privatisation doesn’t work.

“We have seen privatisation in play across the country for over 20 years and we are yet to be convinced of its merits. It’s bad for workers, bad for service delivery and bad for household budgets.”

Unions NSW, the Electrical Trades Union and other unions will be providing submissions to the inquiry on the realities of electricity privatisation in other states where there has been cuts to services and increased prices as private owners seek to maximise profits.

“Handing control over to profit-driven owners will impact on every consumer in the state. The bottom line is the community doesn’t like power privatisation. People would rather see their public services remain in public hands funded by tax revenues instead of fire sales of valuable assets.

“The message we will be conveying today is that there never was and never will be a mandate for this proposal.”

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