• Sacked for joining a union to fight for fair pay & safe conditions
  • Stand up for dock workers in Madagascar fighting for their rights
  • Tell the Madagascan Government to stand up for workers’ now

The NSW union movement has joined a global push to reinstate 43 Madagascan dockworkers sacked for joining their union. 

Madagascan dock workers are some of the lowest paid in the world. Some earn less than US$40 per month. Workers struggle to support themselves and their families despite long hours doing difficult, dangerous work.

“After joining their union to fight for better wages and conditions management gave them two options: leave the union or lose their jobs,” MUA NSW Secretary Paul McAleer said. “The workers refused and were sacked, contravening their rights to freedom of association.”

Paddy Crumlin, International Transport Federation (ITF) President said the Government of Madagascar is on notice that the global union movement are standing with the Toamasina port workers.

“We are sending a clear message – these workers must be allowed go back to work,” Mr Crumlin said.

The ITF led protests took place outside Madagascan embassies in Sydney, Washington, Brussels, Rotterdam, Paris, Istanbul and Helsinki. The protests are part of a broader push to organise ICSTI, one of the fastest growing container terminal operators in the world with a reputation for worker exploitation, union busting and unsafe practices. Casual dock workers at ICTSI’s Port of Toamasina earn 0.02¢ per container. This is 0.0001% of what ICTSI earns for the same container.

"Sometimes I don’t have enough food to eat. My children don’t go to school. I don’t know what I’m going to do but now that we have started, we can’t stop. We must do it for the future – for our children." – Support Madagascan dockworkers

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