Unions will mount an intensive campaign against the Liberal Government’s plan to sell off the State’s electricity system, warning that prices will go up and voters should not be fooled by promises of infrastructure spending.

“The record is clear, higher prices come with privatisation,” Unions NSW Assistant Secretary, Mark Morey said.


“No one should believe promises of increased infrastructure spending – this sale is designed to deliver for the business community, nobody else.”


Today’s Daily Telegraph reports that a 49 per cent sale of the network will be put to a joint party room meeting next week.


Mr Morey said breaking the sale into chunks was disingenuous.


“When the Liberals sold Telstra they did it in chunks as well. It simply meant that the telecommunications industry was a basket case for the next decade.


“Privatising a monopoly is never a good idea, it simply creates a license to gouge consumers.


“The public will not do well out of this sale. They will lose a long-term revenue stream for a one off budget sugar high.


“That is not responsible economic management. This is the equivalent of is flogging the family silverware at the local pawn shop.”

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