Unions NSW has reiterated its support for retaining government ownership of key public assets and services.

Public ownership in key areas including electricity, transport, health and education remains the best option to protect the interests of the community.


Government has a responsibility to ensure that these essential services are accessible and available  to all in the community.


Even in areas where there is competition such as health insurance, a government provider such as Medibank Private has a role to play.


Experience has shown that there is a key role for the Government provider to keep the market place honest. Once it is out of the market invariably competition narrows and ownership concentrates in the hands of the few.


Unions NSW recognises the pressing need for governments to source additional revenues

to deal with the issue of the infrastructure backlog.


However though governments are obviously cash strapped, the answer to raising revenue lies in tax reform and sustainable levels of borrowing, not in asset sales.


The long term solution to funding infrastructure is giving governments a sufficient and reliable revenue stream over the long term. One off asset sales do not provide this certainty.

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