The Treasurer’s announcement of a further 2500 job cuts in the public sector will cut deeply into the support that firefighters, teachers, nurses, police and paramedics rely upon to do their job.

In comments to The Australian, the Treasurer revealed critical support functions will be cut when he delivers his budget this week.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey said the move was dangerous and unprecedented.

“NSW public sector workers are already strained and these mass sackings are the tipping point,” Mr Morey said.

“It’s deeply dishonest to draw these distinctions between front line staff and those who support them. It simply means nurses, paramedics or police will spend their days doing paperwork because they won’t have the support they need.

“The NSW population is surging. But rather than properly plan for that growth, Mr Perrottet is obsessed with his budget abacus. 

“We deserve a Government that plans for the future and grows our public sector workforce in line with population growth. 

“Mass sackings such as this have a deep social and economic cost. 

“Every serious economist, including those at the Reserve Bank know that we desperately need wage growth. Slashing public sector jobs flies in the face of our broader economic challenge.”


June 15, 2019

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