Did you know that 44 Australians have been killed at work already this year? 


In NSW, in the past twelve months alone, over 100 workers have lost their lives on the job while someone suffers a major workplace injury every five minutes.

Tuesday 28 April is International Workers’ Memorial Day when we stand in solidarity with workers and families around the world in commemorating those loved ones who went to work and never came home.

Here's how you can honour the dead and fight for the living:

  • In recognition of the lives lost in workplaces around the country and the world we ask you to put out a pair of work shoes at your home or workplace, and share a photo online tagged #StandForSafety.
  • Hold a minutes silence with your workmates, reflect by reading this memory lines poem or write your own tribute to those who have fallen on this memory card and hang up in your workplace.

Help us stand for safety this International Workers’ Memorial Day and every day after. Just one death is too many.

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