On 4th of July, Sang Gyun Han, president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU), was sentenced to five years in prison by the Seoul Central District Court following the allegations from the South Korean government. 

The accusation was related to a series of peaceful protest against a regressive labour reform last year, including ‘people’s rally’ where the police attacked 100,000 demonstrators with water cannons and tear gas on 14th of November 2015. He was charged with offences ranging from injury to public officials to obstruction of traffic.

The AMWU (Australian Manufacturing Workers Union) along with SIGTUR (Southern Initiative Global Trade Union Rights) network is organising a rally to voice our outrage at the blatant abuses of human right and freedom of associations, being imposed of Korean workers and union officials. AMWU is showing this support of solidarity to demand the immediate release from jail of KCTU president Sang-Gyun Han and the detainment of KCTU affiliate union activists and officials.

19 July 2016, 11:00-11:40 am

@ the Korean Consulate

St. James Centre, 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

A flyer is attached for distribution to your members and I would urge affiliates to support the rally on Tuesday, 19th July.

Yours faithfully

Mark Morey

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