The government has released the first of its scheduled Regulations arising from the 2016 amendments.

The Workers Compensation Amendment (Return to Work Assistance) Regulation 2016 provides extra assistance for workers returning to work.

The $1000 assistance is for a range of items to assist the worker adjusting to the new workplace such as transport expenses and the like. It requires the injured worker to be commencing work with a new employer and being offered in writing the work for at least three months.

The up to $8000 is for vocational training and appears to duplicate an existing scheme that was greatly under utilised due to access restrictions by insurers and rehab providers. This provision provides up to $8000 dollars for workers to access vocational training if part of an injury management plan. This provision is for workers who have been injured for over 78 weeks.

Despite the government not restoring the full suite from 2012 cuts, this is another example of the benefits of the campaign by injured workers through the Injured Workers Support Network and our unions.

Unions NSW submission to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority is attached here.

The Regulation is attached here.

The Unions NSW Fact sheet is listed here.


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