Reverse the cuts to Paid Parental Leave

We are calling on the Liberal National Government to stand up for working families and reverse the savage and unexpected cuts to Paid Parental Leave.

Working mums and dads are far from rorters, fraudsters and double dippers, they are hardworking people who should receive paid leave to spend time with their precious newborns.

Thanks to the Liberals paid parental leave back-flip on none other than Mother’s Day, 80,000 families now face losing $11,500 from their household budget.

Access to 26 weeks paid parental leave is backed by experts as optimal for the health and well-being of mothers, babies and families, and to support increased participation of mothers in the workforce to boost our economy.

It simply doesn't make social or economic sense to cut paid parental leave. 

It’s time to stop the attacks on working parents – will you sign the petition calling on Treasurer Scott Morrison to reverse the cuts to Paid Parental Leave?

For more information on the cuts head over to our activist HQ where you can download resources and help spread the word that a fully funded government Paid Parental Leave scheme matters.






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I’m about to go off on maternity leave with my first baby and I think it is unfair for Abbott to take away the opportunity for me to spend time with my baby. I am receiving 26 weeks from work at half pay and was then going to use the 18 weeks from Centrelink so that I have the proper time to bond with my baby. I have full intentions of going back to work and think it’s disgusting that after all these years of paying for mothers to stay at home and not have to work a day in their life that I am now potentially going to be disadvantage because I want to experience the joys of having a child and spending a small amount of time with him before having to go back to work.

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Renee M. Taylor

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These entitlments are so important to me to be able to start a family but support from the government is critical in me be able to RESPONSIBLY do this. I want to have a family and have enough time at home to have that critical bonding time with my baby and then return to work but with the lack of support from this government, it is making life really hard to plan for!!! Also with very little help from the government for first home buyers now, the government is making it hard for THE WORKING CLASS citizen to provide a stable home for the family which we now can’t afford to stay home with!!!!

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Sarah Feighan

| 2015-05-22 10:58:08 +1000

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The Liberal National Government is attempting the unthinkable by ripping away the federally funded Paid Parental Leave entitlement from over half of expectant parents who already have an employer funded scheme.

Before the election the Liberal party promised new mums a fully funded Paid Parental Leave that would allow them to spend six months at home with their new babies. Now they've back-flipped on this promise and plan to tear away even the 18 weeks they currently receive from the government.   

Providing new mums and babies with ample bonding time is critically important for the child's development. Don't let the Liberals take this away from families. 

Will you sign the petition and call on Treasurer Scott Morrison to reverse the cuts to Paid Parental Leave?

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