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Penalty-rate cut may take 17 years to be offset by rising base wages, report claims

The pain caused by penalty-rate cuts won't be neutralised by phasing in the changes over time and some transition measures being suggested could make things worse, new research claims.

Penalty rates: Labor says it makes 'no apology' for Bill Shorten's decision to oppose cut

Party says it had no choice but to oppose Fair Work Commission’s decision as unions plan Work Choices-style campaign

Masses of evidence for penalty decision: PM

Malcolm Turnbull has given his unequivocal support for the Fair Work Commission ruling to reduce Sunday penalty rates, agreeing it will result in more jobs and more businesses being open on the weekend.

Penalty rates: real-life stories don't stick to treasurer's script

Even with Australia’s strong GDP numbers, cutting Sunday penalty rates is a tough sell because workers’ pay has fallen

Our representatives must stand up against cuts to workers pay

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is today calling on the Australian parliament to change the workplace relations rules to protect the pay packets of 700,000 low paid workers.

Protection for workers from penalty rates cut can be a reality - Malcolm Turnbull needs to act now.

Statement from ACTU President Ged Kearney:

Sundays aren't so special – according to the Fair Work Commission

Has our view of Sunday really changed enough to warrant a 25% cut in penalty rates for retail workers?

Employers' pyrrhic penalty rates win reflects self-defeating economics

The Fair Work Commission unveiled its long-awaited decision on penalty rates for Sunday and holiday work this week. Penalty rates for most retail and hospitality workers will be cut, by up to 50 percentage points of the base wage. Hardest hit will be retail employees: their wages on Sundays will...

The penalty rates cut rewards exploiters at the expense of the exploited

Nothing says ‘Australian management culture’ like agitating to pay workers less. Except maybe putting your hand out for a $50bn tax cut.

This bar owner is against cutting hospitality penalty rates

They come in the night and they come in the day, faceless men and women, shuffling paper, carrying briefcases full of remarks, legislation, policy and guidelines that barely affect them but affect each and every bartender, barista, bussy and hospitality worker in the country.
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