• Sharan Burrow says rampant inequality must be fought
  • International unions fight trumped up charges against Lula
  • Education scholarship launched at sixth Jeff Shaw memorial lecture 

International Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Sharan Burrow told the sixth annual Jeff Shaw memorial lecture that dark forces of resurgent nationalism and right wing populism are on the march.

Ms Burrow was joined by human rights advocate Geoffrey Robertson QC to celebrate the life of their friend and colleague Jeff Shaw described as one of the great legal minds of his generation and a trail blazer of law reform in NSW.

Robertson and Burrow are currently working together to draw international attention to what they say are trumped up charges against former Brazilian president and trade unionist, Lula.

Burrow said the case against Lula was driven by corporate interests and typified the assault on democratic principles. 

“Fundamental rights, such as freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of speech are under attack.

“In other countries, austerity measures have been used to propagate repressive laws and policies with corruption and corporate greed fueling historic levels of inequality."

However Burrow was optimistic about the future. 

“Building workers' power is the answer.  It requires us to organise, organise and organise – only with the power of workers and critical alliances with those who share our values can we effect legal and political change.”


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