Stop the China FTA


Come join unionists and activists at a rally to STOP THE CHINA FTA.

Just last month, Tony Abbott signed a free trade deal with China that was negotiated in secret and, surprise surprise, it's not a good deal for workers. While Tony's business mates might have been a part of the negotiations, ordinary working people like us, were not.

Join our campaign to support workers and workplace rights by telling Tony Abbott to tear up the China Free Trade Agreement.

Our fight is not with foreign workers, it is with the Abbott Government and their business mates who benefit from this deal at the expense of workers.

This trade agreement that has been negotiated behind closed doors will allow:

  • Chinese companies to bring in an entire workforce from overseas for projects worth over $150 million with as little as a 15% stake in that project and without even advertising for local workers first.
  • It could cost as many as 158,000 local jobs because of cheap Chinese imports that are unfairly subsidised and do not meet Australian standards. Half of Australian businesses surveyed say the deal will hurt them and only 11% say it will help.
  • The agreement will allow Chinese companies to sue Australian governments that pass laws which affect their profits. This is how Phillip Morris has been able to sue us for plain cigarette packaging laws that are saving lives.
  • This trade deal has no commitments to respect workers’ rights. China is one of the ten worst places to be a worker according to the international trade union movement.

Read more about the China Australia Free Trade Agreement here.

We need to stop the China FTA from stripping down our hard fought for rights, safety, standards and conditions.

And if you haven't done so already, sign the petition to stop the China FTA. We need to do all we can to fight this. 


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Simon H
commented 2015-09-10 13:11:40 +1000
Please challenge me on the following, but this is coming from the right place, not from a racist, not from any political affiliations, not from a unionist, but from a concerned parent for his children’s future that solely wants the contents of this FTA with a communist nation more clearly understood. I think we, as Australians deserve that right. We need our Australian government to give us that right.


It is not the Unions or Labor – What a Con:


I’m not a unionist, nor labor person, nor lib for that matter, nor any current supporter of any party currently. They are all pitiful, which begs the question, where are the attributes of conventional wisdom and intelligence getting us if the current crop of politicians have these in abundance? Maybe we need a different breed of politicians entering the arena (ones that have vision, and truly advocate maybe?). But I do know this. It’s not the unions nor labor that want to destroy the prospects of Australians. This is utter nonsense presented to the public by a disconnected government who sees it as their duty to inflict and advertise yet more disrespect of the intelligence of the average Aussie. This government think the average public are completely inept at forming their own opinions devoid of union or labor influence, and I for one, take absolute offense at this. I suggest others should as well and embarrass the hell out of dumbass group that has no clue about how to advertise competence to the masses. How dare they put us in the same camp as unionists or labor people when we clearly have a voice of our own? Their advocacy is something average Australians need. Why after a decade in the making, are there still questions pertaining to this FTA with China? Something of such magnitude, such impact to the future prosperity of Australians, given the growing anxiety, deserves additional time now to allay all fears once and for all. If there were truly no concerns, if all questions by Labor and unions could be quashed and satiated, the FTA would have been set in stone by now. But the fears have not been quashed. And the government have failed to sell the message. It is not the unions or labor since the general public, many of which are not unionists or labor voters, share the same views as myself – they are deeply worried about this agreement. It is time the government respected the likes of us to make our own decisions, irrespective of what the unions think or labor. We are not all unionists or labor voters, and we are smart enough to make our own decisions without prejudice.


Australian Children and their Future:


When was the last time Australian youth and children were used in the context of this FTA? This FTA deserves further scrutiny before signing if for just that very reason. Our kids. What is in it for them? Those that cannot voice for themselves. It is up to us to advocate for them, especially where our own government appears to be doing the exact contrary. In fact, they are hell-bent on advocating not for our kids, but the Chinese, and desperately seeking to push this through. Hold on Abbott, no way. Not on something as important as this. I for one, will not let that happen, and call on fellow-minded concerned people everywhere to take a stance. We have a right to expect more from people who are meant to represent our interests, not those from whom afar, voice their concerns about local Aussie politics. There will be hell to pay I feel if left unchecked. Do you have kids? When you watch them play, watch them learn, watch them grow, you know you want their future to be all it can be. When I do, I think sometimes of how such decisions will affect them, and I cannot turn away in good conscience and not do anything in advocacy where I feel it is so desperately needed. I call on all parents to do the same.


Saying No to the FTA is not Racist:


Before you go mocking the likes of my kind for voicing angst and protest about this FTA, just know I have friends that are Chinese. This has nothing to do with racism, and even presenting that word here by myself I feel is disappointing, but has to be canvassed since many might get on the political correctness bandwagon as a cheap shallow trick to deprive publication of the real essence of the current issue that is the FTA with China. No, its not racism, it is out of concern for Australians, so don’t use convenience and populism to shield the truths of what damage this FTA could potentially do if left untethered.


The Shallow Argument:


“We were elected to make decisions on behalf of the people we serve”. Not on this one. And not all decisions need to proceed. Additionally, the track record speaks volumes of their competence in getting things wrong. From poor people not driving cars, to “Team Australia”, to the favouring of 457s over our kids regarding jobs, to the by-design inaction on housing affordability for youngsters, to the infliction of intergenerational debt onto our young, to the rort that is superannuation, to a voluminous amount of other examples, no, I’m sorry, this one needs to pass to the people. This FTA cannot proceed. Enough said on this one.


The Interview : China, What’s Your Record?:


When anyone of us goes for an interview, the employer looks at our history, our resume etc etc.

In this case, Australia can be seen as an employer, and seeks out the record of China.

And what an ugly look that is! Where should we start? Maybe questions on environmental pollution, human rights, defence strategy, illegal property agenda, the list does go on.

Or lets simply cut to the chase. What is their real interest in this FTA deal with us?


No Labour Market Testing:


“Debate over the China FTA has heated up after an Immigration and Border Protection official admitted that there would not be labour market testing for some Chinese workers, including nurses and engineers.” This has to stop.


Why the Rush by the LNP to Sign?:


Why the rush? This I believe has taken ten years (a decade!) in the making. So, given we have already gone 10 YEARS without an FTA with China, and survived, so why the rush to push it through now? If the Chinese cant wait a little longer, so be it. In addition to that, given the magnitude of the concern in the broader Australian community, and given the history of politicians having such little respect for its own people, it is more than incumbent on our government to give back to the people that courtesy they seek on such an important decision. Why the rush? Why deny the people of insight into more of the FTA content? If this is not allowed to be postponed, then there can only be one conclusion rightfully drawn. Australian government is pandering to the wills of another country, and are protecting China’s interests moreso than the interests of the people it is meant to serve. This is unacceptable and should be called out for what it is. All good things take time. You cannot rush something that demands time. If you do, things get missed, things go wrong, things fall apart, and vested-interest groups demands come true. We cannot rush this. There are reasons why there are still concerns about this agreement. And it has nothing to do with the unions, it has everything to do with the contents that lay behind an FTA that is currently obscured to the general public. It simply is too important to be rushed through. Why the urgency? Why bow to the Chinese at our public’s expense (that being anxiety). We either put our public’s concerns before the interests of our “Chinese friends” or we don’t.


A thing or 2 about China:


China are a communist regime with an appalling human rights track record. What makes us believe we are that special that we understand them intimately, or in other words, know them sufficiently enough to warrant this agreement being established with safe beneficial environmental, financial and employment outcomes (for local Australian citizens), and what their true agendas are? How long has China been open to the modern world? Chinese illegals are knowingly breaking Australian laws by buying established residential property in Australia. What does that tell you about how much they consider local Australian laws and its people who do adhere to their own laws? China are not building islands out of nothing in the Asia-Pacific only to build supermarkets on them – its military strategy, and it is extremely provocative to all countries within the region, including Australia. China have stolen over 20 years of military defence secrets from the U.S. China are gamblers – they are gambling on our stupidity and our blindness, banking on our ignorance that we believe they have only but good intentions, that they come from a place of pure business honesty. China are entrepreneurs – they know how to make money. If that means bringing in cheap labor at our expense, that is a given that they would do so. The Chinese are not stupid – they know exactly what they are doing – they think aussies are more stupid than they are, and are banking on that stupidity. The Chinese have polluted their own backyard and now hell-bent on duplicating that scenario to our aussie farmlands. How do you think they treat their own cattle, and why don’t they want to consume their own, but rather ours? What makes us believe they will be schizophrenic in their treatment of our own cattle, while they treat their own with such inhumanity? The Chinese are already publicising their intent to bring in mass workers since our minimum wages are the highest on earth – that is not union propaganda, just fact…. Think Gippsland.


A worrying sign for Australia:


China are slowly but surely, building increased political weight in Australian domestic political decision- making. If this fta goes ahead, this political influence in local aussie affairs will undoubtedly increase to a very dangerous level, and may even pass the point of no return, where the likes of you and me will forever more, have our voices fall on deaf ears, in favour if overseas interests. Given the extent of the illegal foreign property investment in Australia by the Chinese, given the Chinese atrocious abuse of cattle in farming, given they execute so many people over our Western festive season, given so many other reasons for legitimate concern, it is only fair and reasonable that there be additional time granted to allay all fears. If the Chinese are hesitant or wish to pull out after a decade, just because of Australia’s wish to iron out issues in OUR NATIONAL INTEREST, then that should say it all – the FTA is simply not a strong enough deal to mandate its implementation. We don’t know enough of this fta. We don’t know enough about china and their true intentions, and guaging by all the aforementioned, please convince me otherwise, i challenge anyone to tell me of what benefit will this bring Australia! When the government lazily blame Labor and the unions for not backing the FTA, why don’t the same government ask the people. Take the question of the FTA to the people if they truly believe that most of us want it. Australians deserve respect. The Liberal government could be seen as an enemy of Australian children if they deny the people the right to see, deliberate, and vote on this FTA.

Labor cannot back down on their current stance. They are the only voice of wisdom at the moment. If they back down, they are turning their back on Australians, and their children. They simply cant. It is one of very few things I do agree with them on. Liberal have already kicked the can of debt down onto our youth and children. They are allowing the influx of 457s to take precedence over our children for jobs, even though our kids are trained in areas of need. Now, they want to further cement an impoverished future for our kids by attempting to rush through this FTA.


Recommendations from an Average Aus:


Here are my recommendations.

No FTA to be signed UNTIL………..

1.No Chinese Workers on any projects:

It is signed in stone that China are NEVER to bring in workers……EVER! Why? Because we are a skilled nation that have the workers here. It is a furphy to suggest otherwise. There will never be instances where overseas workers are required, since we have a skilled labour force, and any gap at all could easily be catered for expeditiously via our great educational system. In addition, we have growing unemployment. Why would you not want to give our local people self-concept courtesy of a job thanks to the FTA? It makes no sense whatsoever to import workers, yet it does unfortunately if the really underlining objective is to cater for Chinese businessman who are financial savvy enough to realise that Australian labor is the most expensive on the planet.

2.Public Disclosure of the FTA in its entirety:

All of the contents of this FTA deal are released to the general public for scrutiny. This government are trying with all their might to push through this deal via stealth. Stealth connotes concealment of facts, of which will directly impact us as local Australians. This could be viewed as tantamount to treason by our own government. What is the risk of revealing the contents of the FTA to all and sundry for further deliberation? If this is denied, then what else are the general public to think, other than information that could adversely affect their interests. You would hope that your own government would recognise the concerns of its own citizens, and respect their voices enough to allow this to happen.

3.Bipartisan Support for Revisitation/Scrutiny of the entire FTA:

When will our politicians realise that their local people come first? This is too important to not get right. Every single line item of this agreement needs to be fleshed out, challenged, and amended. Australian people are so fed up with their incompetent politicians of all political persuasion. There isn’t a day that goes by without ludicrous political incompetency. We need to see strong political action via bipartisanship that sends a message of positivity to the general public, that sends a message of hope that our future will be positive, not confined to the current state of visionless, weak, and hopelessness that is so eloquently being articulated at the moment.

4.Public Approval of the FTA prior to signing:

Not only bipartisan support, but they need to take this FTA to the people. If the government are so in favour of this, and so optimistic on its outcomes for the country, then they should back their own judgement by allowing the people to decide. Since they believe that the vast majority of the people are in favour, then what is the risk of allowing the people to decide? This needs to be done, since the general public are outraged and this needs to be recognised by the politicians that to proceed on this basis, will just inflame an already disconnected public on so many fronts, including the signing of this FTA.

5.Fallout if this FTA goes ahead:

If the Australian government takes it upon themselves to ignore the concerns of their own people and sign this FTA, then the fallout will be massive.

And rightly so.

Don’t be surprised if things that have not happened previously in Australia, start happening.

Don’t be surprised if things start turning nasty very quickly in Australia.

Don’t be surprised if Australia as you once knew it, becomes a shadow of its former self.

Be very surprised if many of us do not take a more vigilant stance than even we do now.

And you know why? Because we care about our children. We don’t want violence, we don’t want disharmony, we only want what is in our national interest. But if our own government starts talking a different language, then what do you honestly expect its people to do? Fall in line? The Australian psyche, at least mine, is not made of such matter.


We need to stand up for our children.

We need to fight this desperate yearning by a government with a hidden agenda.

We need to fight to reveal the untold truths of this fta.

We need to stop China having more political weight in our own Australian policies.

We need to know whose making a killing out of the signing of this rort that is the fta.

We must say NO to protect our country.

We need to once again, stand as a country of concerned people, and unite as one.

We need to say to China, you can bark all you like, but we put our children before your profits.

No Way! FTA – No Way! FTA – No Way!FTA

A u s t r a l i a ……. Do NOT sign this fta in its current form! A tragedy in the making.


Now call me a racist. Convince me all of the above makes no sense. Or am I a sole voice amongst sheep?
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Friday, July 31, 2015


12:00 PM – 01:00 PM


NSW Parliament
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