Earlier this year union members shared your experience and helped shape the Unions NSW position on Paid Parental Leave.

The Australian Human Rights Commission reported

  • 67,300 women believed they experienced some level of discrimination in the workplace while pregnant
  • 21% of discrimination complaints were related to pregnancy or family responsibilities.

In response, the Australian Human Rights Commission is currently conducting a National Review that looks at the prevalence, nature and consequences of pregnancy and return to work discrimination.

Discrimination can range from being overlooked for a promotion to being denied reasonable requests for flexible working arrangements because of your family.

As part of this national review, Unions NSW will be consulted and we want to know about your experiences – good or bad.

Below are a few questions to help guide your response (you don’t have to answer them all).

  1. Were you overlooked for a promotion or training because of your pregnancy or caring responsibilities?
  2. Did you receive inappropriate or negative comments?
  3. How did your employer support your return to work?
  4. Was workplace safety an issues for your during your pregnancy? How was this addressed?
  5. Do you have access to adequate lactation rooms?
  6. Was your employer an example of good practice?
  7. How did you approach/fix the problems with discrimination you were having?

If you have any questions or would like further information on the review, please contact Kate Minter at or 9881 5999.

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