At today's meeting of the Sydney Alliance Council, Fr. Peter Smith read the following letter of thanks to Mark Lennon:

On behalf of the Sydney Alliance, I would like to offer a motion of thanks to Mark Lennon, outgoing secretary of Unions NSW.

Since his words at the Sydney Alliance Founding assembly at Town Hall in September 2011, through to his leadership at the front of the People’s Climate March in November 2015, Mark has represented the working people of Sydney through his service at Unions NSW and his support of the Sydney Alliance.

Mark has served them through his commitment to being present, on the ground, in solidarity with those volunteer union members who give up their time to staff stalls, cook barbeques, run assemblies and participate in actions.  

Mark has served them by his judicious deployment of Unions NSW staff into key campaigns -  for affordable housing and work/life balance.

Mark has served them by standing in solidarity with civil society leaders on questions of public solidarity – against racism and violence.

Mark has served them by his leadership on difficult questions of conscience – his unwavering support for a welcoming city for refugees.

For this service we thank you Mark, you are a thoroughly decent, tireless champion for both the working people and the marginalised in our city.

We look forward to working with your successor and wish you the best for your future endeavours.

In Solidarity,

Fr. Peter Smith

On Behalf of the Sydney Alliance Council

The Sydney Alliance presented a small memento of thanks to Mark at the final Sydney Alliance Council of 2015. 


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